Pathogen Reduction

New technology to change the agriculture industry

Changing the global food system for the better

Food and agricultural products have pathogen (like listeria mono, salmonella, shiga toxin ecoli, etc.) and mycotoxin (aflatoxin, fumonisin, and vomitoxin) risks that have created recalls, outbreaks, illnesses and even death to both humans and animals.

Guardian Solutions protects consumers from pathogen and mycotoxin exposure found in many products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, water treatment in food applications, raw agricultural commodities, pet food among many others that lead to those outbreaks.

What if you could eliminate food recalls?

PHM Safe is the leader in food safe solutions for pathogen and mycotoxin reduction. Every year recalls cost companies millions and put consumers at risk. The development of our Guardian system technology creates an energized solution which creates the microbiological kill mechanism that eliminates harmful bacteria in food and makes it safe for consumption. This kill mechanism causes an “explosion” to the cell wall and prevents biofilms from building. This kill mechanism is not found in any other option on the market.

Our patented technology maintains the functionality, flavor, and organic/non-GMO certifications of the food and agricultural product. Our solution is at least 99.92% water and up to 0.08% chlorine dioxide and made from ingredients compliant with the EPA's Designed for the Environment certification.

All of this makes our Guardian Solution Category IV EPA rated for toxicity which is equivalent to tap water. The Guardian Solution is safe for skin, dermal, ocular and inhalation contact.

Our product leaves no residuals, is biodegradable and non-corrosive. This allows our Guardian Solution to reduce bacteria and viruses without negatively affecting food items, as compared to competitors' use of chemicals such as quaternary ammonium, peracetic acid, and lactic acid.

The Guardian Solution’s chlorine dioxide and pH levels can be customized to suit the needs of your product and process.

Safe for your family and the environment

As consumers, when we purchase or use food products we expect them to be safe. With our Guardian solution not only can you protect your customers, but you can strengthen the trust of your brand.

Guardian Food Applications

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