Grains & Flour

Partnering with farmers to create nourishing products

"We provide all the solutions for grain-based foods under one roof."

Peter Bisaccia, President

Demand for quality organic, conventional, and gluten-free products continues to increase globally. Through relationships with farmers, PHM Brands acquires high-quality grains to produce and develop high-quality flours, baking mixes, cereals, and grain-based products.

With a diverse group of services such as grain cleaning, flour milling, pathogen reduction, and custom blending, combined with in-house formulation, PHM Brands produces grain-based products globally for some of the largest grocery retailers.

We maintain the top certifications in the food industry

Gluten Free: We validate and isolate the processing and packaging of our ingredients that are gluten free. Our facilities are GFCO certified.

Organic: Our organic flours, grains, and mixes are sourced and certified by the USDA, QAI and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).

Non-GMO: Our facility is certified through Project Verified Non-GMO.

More products for more possibilities

Grains & Seeds: From small grains like quinoa and amaranth to large grains like corn and pinto beans, we are able to grind our products into whole-grain flours creating, unique, flavorful and high-quality products for our customers.

Specialty Flours: We have expanded into specialty flours like Kamut, spelt, rye, and buckwheat as well as gluten free products such as coconut flour and almond flour.

Wheat Flours: We offer a wide range of multi purpose wheat flours and whole wheat products. Our flours are available in a variety of protein levels to meet all baking application needs.

Flakes & Cereals: Our flaking and extrusion lines create high quality cereals for use in retail grocery products.

Mixes & Blends: We offer mixes, bases and concentrates. We offer PHM brand products as well as product development and custom formulations. Unique to our facility is a state of the art mixer that allows us to incorporate up to 20% fat.

Research & Development: Fully trained executive chef and R&D professionals on staff to help maximize formulations, whether it be with our recipes or yours. Our research and development team is prepared to help your product to stand out and innovate in your target market.

Packaging Solutions: We offer private label and specialty pack solutions. These include pillow pack, preform zipper pouches, stand-up pouches, form fill and seal, and super sacks.