Panhandle Milling Announces Revolutionary Ready-To-Eat Flour Mill & Mix Facility

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The Dawn, Texas facility will revolutionize flour safety with Ingredient Integrity line of products.

DENVER — AUG 2021 — Panhandle Milling a PHM Brands company and leading supplier of grain-based consumer packaged foods, today announced the ability to provide customers with Low-Micro and Ready-To-Eat flours, mixes, and grains. Powered by PHM Safe™ technology, the product offerings will serve under the company’s Ingredient Integrity brand.

“This is an exciting opportunity to expand the Panhandle Milling portfolio,” commented Peter Bisaccia, President of PHM Brands. “With state-of-the-art milling, mix, and packaging capabilities, the facility is well positioned to service retail products nationally. By providing brand protection utilizing PHM Safe™ technology, we believe this will be a revolutionary flour mill and mix facility that can solve many of the challenges that the industry has faced in recent years.” This revolutionary food safety technology will be used to treat grains, flour, and mixes to eliminate the potential presence of harmful pathogens, such as E. coli and Salmonella, that negatively impact food safety.

“The safety of our customers and the quality of our products continues to be our highest priority. PHM Safe™ technology preserves the taste and functionality of our ingredients while reducing microbial counts to safe levels and maintaining USDA, FDA, and GRAS approval. The integration of PHM SafeTM technology in our milling processes is a giant leap forward for our Dawn, Texas facility and the broader industry” stated Darin Jensen, VP of Food Safety & Quality for PHM Brands.

Ingredient Integrity products can be certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and additive free. The Ready-to-Eat ingredients can be used in products such as cookie dough, smoothies, cold- pressed bars, and cereals. Panhandle Milling’s Dawn, Texas facility is the first to integrate this revolutionary food safe technology in the milling and grain handling process as part of an ongoing commitment to the development and implementation of safe, effective, and sustainable solutions for fighting pathogens in grain-based products.

About PHM Brands

PHM Brands is a vertically integrated innovative agricultural company headquartered in Denver, CO that specializes in food ingredients, animal nutrition and the development and production of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, disinfectants, and food pathogen reduction technologies. PHM Brands operates its own research and development labs to further invent technologies and develop industry leading formulations. To learn more about PHM Brands, visit

About Panhandle Milling

Panhandle Milling operates manufacturing facilities that specialize in milling, mixing, and packaging of grain-based products. Panhandle Milling prides itself as an ingredient innovation partner utilizing in-house customized formulation coupled with superior conventional and organic products resourced through local farming relationships to bring exceptional products to store shelves. To learn more about Panhandle Milling, visit

About PHM Safe

PHM Safe is a technology company that originates from revolutionary technology developed for safe decontamination of the United States defense industry’s sensitive equipment. This patented technology has been further developed to provide environmentally green pathogen reduction for both food and non-food applications. Along with pathogen reduction solutions PHM Safe has patented solutions to enhance food safety for the agricultural and food industries. To learn more about PHM Safe, visit

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