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Panhandle Milling Donates to Westchester County Food Bank

For Immediate Release
PHM Brand’s Subsidiary Donates over 40,000 lbs of All-Purpose Flour to Feeding Westchester

PHM Brands and its wholly owned subsidiary Panhandle Milling donated over 40,000 lbs of all-purpose flour to Feeding Westchester a member of Feeding America.

“Knowing how many people in our communities need support, I feel very fortunate that my company is in a position to put baked goods on people’s tables. Flour is a staple item, and providing that gives families the ability to create many different products that are nourishing, healthy and easy to make.” Said Peter Bisaccia, President of PHM Brands.

Westchester County unemployment rates are currently at record-breaking levels and local food pantries are seeing 2-3 times as many people needing food.

“This donation will help us provide more than 2x as much nutritious food as we did last year and help feed children, seniors, and hard-working families across Westchester.” said Kim Fraser Procurement Coordinator at Feeding Westchester.

Feeding Westchester will distribute to those who are hungry across communities in Westchester County through programs like Mobile Pantry and Fresh Market, and by providing “bulk pallets” of free food to partner food pantries helping to reach hungry children, families and seniors.

About Panhandle Milling

Panhandle Milling operates mills across the country and specializes in milling, mixing and packaging for grain-based products. Panhandle Milling prides itself as a food creation partner utilizing In-house customized formulation coupled with superior conventional and organic products resourced through local farming relationships to bring exceptional products to store shelves.

About PHM Brands

PHM Brands is an agriculturally based biotechnology company headquartered in Denver, CO which specializes in the development and production of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, disinfectants, animal nutrition products, dietary supplements and food pathogen reduction technologies. PHM Brands is dedicated to sustainability by utilizing vertical integration to convert manufacturing biproducts into functional ingredients rather than waste material. PHM Brands operates its own research and development labs to further invent technologies and develop industry leading formulations. To learn more visit